Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief edited by Cindy Milstein

The Friend by Sigrid Nunez

Cindy Crabb’s Doris Zines

Grief Comics

Modern Loss

Good Grief: Is there a better way to be bereaved? by Megan O’Rourke

Being Black Under Water: Swimming through loss and into grief by Deborah Whaley

The Secret Life of Grief: My mom’s cancer and the science of resilience by Derek Thompson

H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald

suicidal ideation 2.0, queer community leadership, and staying alive anyway: part one of a work in progress by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Handbook of Social Justice in Loss and Grief: Exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion edited by Darcy Harris and Tashel Bordere

A long list of books about death for kids

Young’s Pond by Coriel Gaffney

The Condition of Black Life is One of Mourning by Claudia Rankine

Growth is a Shimmering Gray by Cynthia Schemmer

Even the Pictures posted on Institute for Middle East Understanding

You Can Delete, but You Can’t Forget by Jacqui Shine

The Moment I Cannot Escape: Care, death, mourning, and the struggle against it all by Kevin Van Meter

Parental Caregiving and Loss: Ideas for Caregivers and their Allies, Chapter cowritten with Cynthia Schemmer, in Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Supporting Families in Social Justice Movements edited by Victoria Law and China Martens

Worts and Cunning “By Way of Sorrow” downloadable grief ritual resource compiled by herbalist Alexis Cunningfolk

Center for Complicated Grief in NYC

End of Life: A Grief Support Resource Guide

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